A powerful, melodic hard rock band combining a forceful guitar attack with emotional, anthemic vocals, Red Sun Rising were formed in Akron, Ohio by vocalist and guitarist Mike Protich and guitarist Ryan Williams, who curiously went to the same high school and lived within a mile of one another for over a decade without ever meeting. In 2006, the two finally crossed paths at a gas station and struck up a conversation about music. It wasn't long before Protich and Williams were writing songs together; in 2007, they put together the first edition of Red Sun Rising and began playing local gigs. The band earned a reputation for hard work and a strong live show, and began to find its true voice in 2011 when guitarist Tyler Valendza, whose interplay with Williams brought new strength to the group's sound, joined the lineup. By 2013, Red Sun Rising had self-released two independent albums, Red Sun Rising and The Making of Kings, and they used their website and social media pages to give new listeners a chance to preview their recordings. The strategy helped them develop a strong fan base, and they played frequently in the Midwest as well as setting out on nationwide tours. In 2014, Red Sun Rising -- now working with bassist Ricky Miller and drummer Pat Gerasia -- signed with well-established indie label Razor & Tie Records, and in early 2015 they returned to the studio with producer Bob Marlette. The group's first album for Razor & Tie, Polyester Zeal, was slated for release in August 2015.





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